Sumo Fresh Caters to Vegans

Veganism is getting increasingly well known amongst individuals with an affection for animals, once making the decision to go vegan Sumo Fresh has always wowed vegans and vegetarians our menu never disappoints,  not limited to vegans these items are also for individuals who simply feel a more beneficial diet helps throughout the entire year. We’ve tuned our menu for our veggie loving clients and at Sumo Fresh our menu means your never let down or chefs are culinary geniuses the scope of totally heavenly vegetarian menu offerings. We’re working away in the kitchen to keep your body, taste-buds and soul glad, so here are a portion of the veggie lover dishes you can arrange this lunch, supper or dinner time or even Call for a Home delivery!:

Miso soup – warm and nutritious; an embrace in a mug.

Salty or spicy edamame – the ideal nibble to start with.

Kaisou Salad – Goma Wakame seaweed salad served with Ponzu dressing

Avocado tofu salad- Tofu, avocado on a bed of mixed lettuce served with Shoyu-mayo dressing

Wakame cucumber salad – Seaweed and cucumber with Sunomono dressing

Yaki Soba – Stir fried Soba noodles with seasonal vegetables

TempuraMixed Vegetables – Aubergine, pepper, sweet potato and Enoki mushroom

Vegetable Tempura Sushi Rolls – Peppers, baby corn and asparagus

Avocado & Cucumber Rolls

Vegetarian Nigiri You can pick from Asparagus or Avocado

Pumpkin korokke – Deep fried breaded pumpkin croquettes served with Sumo dressing

on the menu we also have Vegetable Gyozas as well as Vegetable Katsu Curries.